The first moment I saw THA GLIDE popping up, I fell in love straight away! The sleek, stylish design with a few graphic pops here and there are right up my alley! So, to no surprise I happily offered to test out the pattern when the call was launched! Not only do I love the GLIDE jacket, I love ALL the patterns from MADEIT Patterns that I made so far! They are original, gorgeously designed and the tutorial that comes with it is just a dream!

I have to admit, I don’t sew for myself very often. Not that I wouldn’t like to, it’s just that I find it hard to find 1) patterns that fit my curves & 2) patterns that fit my style! I’ve gained quite some weight over the years (I should rrreally do something about that, but that’s another story), but my tastelevel stayed the same (obviously!). I love funky, sleek clothing with a graphic pop, a wink to athleticwear, a touch of Japan, a touch of the eighties, etc. And honestly, I absolutely hate it that when RTW clothes are being designed, they just “enlarge” it, without thinking of the curves of a plussize wearer.

So, stating all that … going back to THA GLIDE, you’ll probably understand that, eventhough I loved the design, I was also worried about the fit. I can hardly close the first one that I made, but that’s mainly because my hips are one size wider and the design was pretty boxy. But then there’s number two … HALLELUJA! I knew they added a few cm’s to the bottomwidth, but I didn’t knew how much exactly (anything extra was good basicly 😉 ) I guess you can imagine my happy face when I tried on the second one, closing it up, realising I had room to move! I mean, really, relaxing room to move! I absolutely loved that moment! It’s silly when I think about it, but on the other hand, good fitting clothes can really have an influence on how you feel. And I absolutely feel like Sporty Spice wearing my black GLIDE! Nothing but love for this design from MADEIT Patterns. My absolute biggest compliments ever to you two, for making an awesome design I absolutely love!

I’m curious to see more GLIDES popping up, because the love is big and the combinations endless! The first one I made, is a version in denim, lined with a gorgeous cotton with a neon pop! Both the big zipper and the invisible zippers are also the brightest neon yellow (been searching high and low for those!) and to finish it all off, I also added a pop of neon on the inside, using yellow neon piping!

The black version is made with a piece of lightweight fabric that I was gifted trough Freecycle. No idea what type of fabric it is, but it’s sooo cool! I used a black mesh to line it, giving it a “sporty” look. I’m so happy with the outcome! I didn’t adjust the armlength, that’s something you might want to check before you start. Mine’s “just just”, so I wouldn’t have mind an extra cm or two. Length and width are absolutely spot on and that hood is just puuhuurfect! An absolute dream to wear!

Oh and last but not least … big thumbs up (yes, he already received a ton of kisses and compliments from me) for my soon-to-be-nine-year-old photographer! ❤

Pattern : GLIDE Jacket – MADEIT Patters

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  1. Die neon blinde ritsen zijn supercool! Echt een meerwaarde aan het jasje, ook al zitten ze goed verstopt. En ik kan je halleluja-moment bijna voelen door de tekst, leuk om te lezen dat je er zo blij mee bent!


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