The Dia, with its endless options…

Have you ever tried writing up a blogpost during Black Friday weekend? Let me tell you, it’s almost impossible! Compare it to dropping a kid in a toy store and telling it not to touch one single item … mmhm, you get it! DISTRACTION everywhere and pretty much impossible! But hey! Here I am, being strong and all, doing what I’ve been postponing for way too long… (yay me!)

I could ofcourse just say, let me drop a few pics here and that’s it! But honestly, the Dia sweater from Misusu patterns deserves more than that, waaaay more! Why? Cuz it’s pretty much sublime! The creativity, the innovative design, the different options, the challenge and obviously the sizerange! From now on you can not only sew your kids a Dia (going from size 80 to 164!), but also yourself! Yes ma’am, you heared that correct! There’s also an adult version of the Dia now! (more on that later on)

I must admit, when I heared about the Dia update, I wasn’t too sure how to translate the diamond design to a boys sweater. Until I started brainstorming with the fabrics, that I had already in my stash, in mind. Booooy did the ideas pop up quick! Before I knew it, I had sewn up two girly versions and two sweaters for my son! KAPOOW!

And yes, I can hear you thinking “wait, did you just say four?!” I sure did! The Dia is put together so quick, that you might even surprise yourself! Basicly there are 3 different difficulty levels: a basic front version, a basic diamond version and “the full option” graphical diamond version! Depending on the sewing mood you’re in, you can vary with any of those to get your desired result.

Not only are there three different options for the front, there are also four different length options! A normal sweater length, a tunic length, a high-low sweater length and a high-low tunic length.

Aaaand to top it all off, there’s the sleeves to vary with as well! Short sleeves, long sleeves, puff sleeves … you name it, its all there!

My first example is the basic front, tunic version with (in this case) 3/4th sleeves (something with not having enough fabric πŸ˜‰ ). A quick, fun sew to fill up those winterclosets! To add a bit more power to the white, I added black piping on the front, emphasizing the lines of the frontpanel.

Number two is a basic diamond sweater with normal lenght and long sleeves. To add a bit of fun, I pimped it with a faux leather diamond on top. Still quick, simple and easy, with just that little bit more.

This pink, sparkly version, is what you could call the “full option”. Again with normal length and long sleeves this time. Adding the sparkly, graphic diamond made my girls’ eyes pop! She imidiatly wanted to wear it to school the following morning! Girls and bling … what can I say?! (except that I’m not a blingbling girl myself haha!) I bet you’re expecting me to say now that this isn’t a quick and easy sew, but guess what!?! … it is! I’m totally aware of the fact that all those seams and matching lines might scare you off, just like they did me when I first saw it. But trust me when I say this: “it’s REALLY not that difficult to sew!” Elles’ her tutorial guides you trough it with such ease, you start looking for more fabric in your stash straight away! Trust me, really! πŸ˜‰

Number four was a bit of a freestyle project from me. Thinking about those gamecontrollers on the fabric, my mind started wondering off on what exactly you’d need while gaming. “Everything in your reach!” was the first thing that came to my mind. Cuz really, when you’re gaming (or the kids πŸ˜‰ ) you don’t want to have to stand up to get a snack or a drink! Seriously! That’s just anoying! Soooo looking at the Dia, I decided to add a pocket! Preferably without changing a thing to the original design! Et voila, after a bit of thinking I just started sewing and I didn’t even had to change one patternpiece to make this work! (I did ofcourse had to add a backside to the pocket on the inside.) My son his imagination started to work straight away when I showed him this finished sweater, sparkles in his eyes, thinking of all the things he could hide in that pocket! I’m pretty curious to see what he comes up with in the future (and what will end up in my laundrymachine).

And yes, oooohooobviously I also made myself a Dia, but I’ll tell you more about that on sunday! For now I will leave you to continue your Black Friday shopping, with a lil’ note that ALL Misusu patterns are on sale this weekend too! Sooo, if you’ve been eyeing a certain pattern for a while, now’s the time to get it!

For the quick readers amongst you, I’m also running a giveaway on my IG today (until 9AM CET tomorrow, saturday the 24th): a_siwsiw_thing , so with a bit of luck, you might win your own copy of the Dia sweater!



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