Diamonds are a girl’s best friend …


Remember this jacket? Some of you were pretty observant when I showed my versions of The Süsse Skirt earlier on and asked about the jacket straight away! Yay you! I love people with a sharp eye! 😉

There might be others that think …huh? What about this jacket? (besides that it’s sooooooft and pretty and all *wink*)

Weeeeelllll …. first of all, it’s a brand new pattern, released by Sansahash a few weeks ago, the “Seronera Bomber”. A fun, unisex pattern with a fitting upstanding collar, zipper, pockets, fitted waistband and the cuffs provide a thumbholes option (which my kids love!) It comes in two lengths: a sporty short girly version, and a longer version perfect for boys!

Eventhough I originally was going for a fluffy pink (mmhm, pink *rolls eyes*) jacket, I bumped onto this gorgeous olivegreen faux fur! I immediately loved it, my girl on the other hand, wasn’t keen on it AT ALL! Soooo, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to convince her of my fabulous taste! *wink*. I had to “girl it up” somehow in order for her to love it. After a bit of brainstorming, I ended up with Misusu patterns (one of my absolute all time favourite designers!) and decided to do something with the Dia sweater pattern (which is having a major update soon btw!) And honestly, which girl doesn’t like diamonds?


So, starting from there, I decided to cut up the backpanel and sew up a diamond (like you’d normally see on the front of the Dia). Completely in the same green faux fur (which I will never ever ever do again … I’ve had sweaty moments thinking I’d end up sewing my fingernails to it!) and added gold piping to it (something with girls and bling), to emphasize the diamond shape.

I can hear some of you say (or think out loud): If I cut up the backpanel and sew this diamond, my backpanel will not fit anymore! That is absolutely correct! So in order to make this fit, you start the other way around! You sew up the diamond first. Then cut out the pattern pieces that would normally fit the front of the sweater, but you add a few extra centimeters/inches to the top/bottom/left/right side, so that you have plenty of extra space! After you’ve sewn up the rest of the “frontpanel” (which is now the backpanel), you place your patternpiece for the backpanel (of the Seronera) on top, and trace it. Cutting off all the excess. Leaving you with the “original” backpanel of the Seronera Bomber. From there on, you can just sew up the Seronera like it says in the tutorial.

Because the inside of faux fur is not the most comfortable, I also lined the entire jacket with french terry, giving it extra warmth & softness.

Eventhough this colorcombination might not be the most “obvious” one to make, for a young six year old, I’m absolutely happy with it, and so is she! She loves wearing it and absolutely loves the soft cuddlingfactor of it!

Pattern: Sansahash – Seronera bomber / Misusu patterns – Dia sweater

Fabric: Infinity fabrics – faux fur

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    1. Ik moet zeggen… ik ben nu ook niet geneigd om er vandaag weer opnieuw aan te beginnen! 😉 (misschien binnen een paar maand weer, als ik ben vergeten hoe ik vreesde voor mijn vingers, vloekte op de pluisjes en zat te foeteren op de laagjes fake fur die telkens wegschoven en te dik waren)


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