The Süsse fall skirt

As you may remember from my last blogpost, I promised you a new blogpost every month, featuring a pattern from The Eli Monster. This month I “hacked” The Süsse Skirt, a minor hack though 😉


I changed both the hem and waistband part (and left out the optional straps). My girl tends to be quite small in the waist/chest and very long (she has the waist of a 4/5yr old and the length of a 7yr old), so in order to take out the “gaping” of the waistband, I simply replaced the waistband by an elastic one (a golden one, yes ma’am!) giving her lots of comfort and fit. And yes, obviously it’s easier to sew as well 😉 So if you’re looking for a quick solution to sew a skirt, this is it!

For the hem part, I cut down the original skirtlength (keep 1cm seamallowance in mind if you decide to do so) and added a separate band (1cm higher than the hem facing). Building up your skirt like this, gives you loads of fun options to play with! You can play with different prints/colors and even add piping or pompons or anything you like basicly. In my eyes, the extra band on the bottom emphasizes the playfulness of the scalloped edge. The scalloped edge changes any “normal” skirt into a sweet version, so why not emphasize that a bit more? 🙂

Version one is a plain army green/salmon pink version with a golden elastic waistband! For version two I combined a fun playfull print with a solid rustcolored band on the bottom and a blue/gold elastic waistband. Both look quite different, though they’re exactly the same.

For now I leave you with these two beauties, that we both love very much! And hope that I inspired you to get creative yourself! I did? Than you might want to rush over to The Eli Monster to get your own copy, as it is on sale now!


Together with The Süsse Skirt, I made another hack (yeaaaap, I’m on a roll here! ) I’ll tell you more about that one in another blogpost!

Fabric: Solids: Infinity stoffen – Print: Cloud9 – doo bee doo bee doo
Pattern: The Eli Monster – The Süsse Skirt

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