Back to school II

I’ve been following The Eli Monster for quite a while already (the name really intrigued me the first time I saw it popping up … never mind the fact I kept reading it wrong *blushes* … can I blame that to my Belgian roots? 😉 )

Funny enough … the same time I bought a few (mmhm, a few 😉 ) patterns, Steph also launched a call for Ambassadors. Honestly now, why would I not want to sew a brand new garment with one of her patterns every month?! I mean … really!?!

Soooo … believe it or not: here’s the first! For this outfit I combined The Vlinderaas blouse (that I had just printed out right before this call 😉 ) with the lovely Kinderschürze Dress for a brand new “Back to school” outfit! Yessssss I know… I already made her one, but she can’t wear that one an entire week now can she?! 😉 (any excuse will do, right?)

That I would make The Vlinderaas blouse out of this fun fabric, that I bought at Stoff & Stil during our vacation in Sweden, was decided pretty quick! The Dress on the other hand … I knew this gorgeous blue fabric from Nani Iro was peeeerfect for it, matching the lil’ blue dots on the shirt! But I wasn’t too keen on cutting this one to be honest. I had been saving it for so long … you know, for a project for myself… But I guess I just had to give in, knowing it was a perfect match (and you have to admit, she “shows it off like a pro, right?! 😉 )!



Both the blouse and the Kinderschürze dress were sewn up surprisingly quick! I did however make a small change to the closure at the back. Keeping in mind my girl would sit all day, I kept thinking a big bow wouldn’t be comfy. Soooo, instead of the bow closure, I added two buttons, simplified the ribbons and added two buttonholes (in case she might grow massivly so I can adjust it to her height) and that is that!


Oh! Did I already mention it has pockets?! Yuuuuush! pockets! *jumps for joy*

September 15th, the “back to school” blog tour from The Eli Monster Ambassadors kicked off. This tour will run ‘till the 22nd. All the featured patterns will be on sale for the duration of this tour (no code needed)! Curious to see wich ones have been used? Check out these blogs and meet the rest of the Ambassadors!

9/15: Seams Normal  –  A Random Knack

9/16: Threadistry

9/17: Shewhosews  –  Frullemieke

9/18: Big Fly Notions  –  So Very Jo

9/19: Mother From Girl And Boy  –  Marieke Falderieke


And while I write this blogpost, the ideas for the next one are already taking shape in my head … can’t wait to get started!

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